9. Chantry & Ipswich

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View of Chantry Park in the distance

Chantry Lock & Sugar beet weir

Looking back at Sugar Beet Weir



The country feel all changes at the railway bridge and ‘guillotine flood control gate', which hangs above your head ready to be let down in the case of a tidal surge.




New development flats & Houses

Yarmouth Rd tidal barrier & left turn

Exit over concrete outfall


The water level remained high and after passing under the main A14 road you get a very pleasant view of Chantry Park on the hill.



Soon after Chantry cut comes up on the left side with the right fork being the original river course leading to a weir. Keeping left into Chantry cut there are increasingly steep banks on the north side obscuring the now closed sugar beet factory.






Portage 15.

The old Chantry lock (designated as Sugar Beet Weir by the EA) is directly under electricity pylons. The tow path and access is on the left with a fairly easy out and in.






There was about a meter fall on the weir when we were there.








Railway bridge & overhead guillotine flood gate




The next bridge is the Felixstowe branch line at which point the factories on the left bank change to new residential housing and later flats.

The river here is fairly broad and high, adding to the attractiveness of the different developments.





The last navigational point is the left turn just before the main tidal barrier. This takes you under the Yarmouth Road (A1214) and brings you out at the far end of the Suffolk retail park (Sav Nav IP1 2EJ).

Portage 16.

Directly on the left is a concrete drain which provides a good platform, easy access over the tow path and straight to steps down to the retail car park which had plenty of room for the trailer and parking outside the ‘Range'.

After eight hours paddling and portaging, we finished the 17 miles at 7.00 pm, whew!

A long day and a proud family moment.

See you all in May 2009.

End of trip group photo

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