8. Sproughton

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Exit onto towpath of Sproughton Lock

Looking back on Sproughton lock

View of church from Sproughton Mill Pond

Scenic view of Sproughton gardens

Anglian Water Pumping station by A14

Anglian Water Pumping station weir

The Bramford and Sproughton sections of the river are the more attractive part of the whole river with the two Churches, Hazel wood and horses as part of the backdrop.

Portage 13.

There was easy access out on the left hand side of Sproughton lock but more difficult getting back in and rather than drag the canoes too far we dropped in off the butt end of the old lock wall.






Left - Looking back up Sproughton lock, again much too dangerous to think about shooting.









The mill pond and house are again very attractive as is the road bridge to some extent, particularly with Sproughton church in the background.









The back gardens of Sproughton were also a pleasure to cruise past.








Portage 14.

The Anglian Water Pumping station came as a surprise, just before the A14.

We could not spot the footpath which goes through the station on the left hand side somewhere and there were no signs or instructions to follow. The drop here was not that high (see below) but looked sharp with spikes so we lifted out on the left in front of the pumping building where there was a small concrete slipway. We were careful on the grate covers but these caused no problems and we lifted in just a few meters further on fairly easily, just after the small bridge.




Left - looking back at sharp and spiky pumping station weir.

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