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Creeting or Riverside Farm Lock

Upstream photo of restored Creeting Lock

Pipps Ford lock

Baylham Mill

Baylham Lock pilings

Shamford Lock

Entering river at the end of Shamford Lock

Railway bridge by Shrubland Park sand pits

As the river closes with the main A14, just before the large pylons, we came to Creeting lock which has been restored by the River Gipping Trust http://www.rivergippingtrust.org/

The Environment Agency though have named this Riverside Farm lock (TM105 543) presumably to avoid confusion over location as Creeting Hall and Creeting St Mary are some way away and closer to other locks on the river.

Portage 6.

It was a fairly long portage over the right hand side and fairly steep down at the far side of the lock watched over by the local shire horses grazing nearby.




This shot is looking back at the restored Creeting Lock.










Portage 7.

Pipps Ford lock came up next, which we were able to sail right through with only a small ledge to get over.










Next was Baylham Lock by the Rare Breeds centre, which we knew would be difficult as it was in the middle of renovation work by the Gipping river trust and was regulated at the time by steel piling.






Portage 8.

The footpath went round the Mill some distance off to the south so we decided to climb out of the Canoes straight over the piling and onto the lock floor, which was only a couple of feet deep and thankfully not slippery. We then lifted the canoes over and got paddling again.

Note - the metal piling has now gone but major works by the Gipping river trust on the lock walls continues - go give them a hand on Wednesdays. (March 2009)

There were more walkers using this part of the Gipping Way and several footbridges. There were also a couple of ledges further down regulating the water flow, which gave us no problems.

The large run of old sandpits/lakes then came up on the left side though we could see little from the river.

After the small bridge leading to the lakes we came across Shamford Lock (TM118 521), though according to the Environment Agency this is spelt Sharmford Lock.

At this point someone decided to fall in from his canoe and take a dunking including his mobile phone and MP3 player though all survived the water.



Portage 9.

It was too dangerous to get down so we came out on the right side onto the path with a fairly long lift around and a steep bank at the other end.











After some more shallows the river level came up more and broadened out nicely before you go under the Railway next to the sand pits.




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