3. Badley Mill lock

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Walking shallows by B1113

Going under main line railway birdge

Looking back at Badley Mill Lock

Entre point bottom of Badley Lock

As the river approaches the main Stowmarket to Needham road (B1113) the views get better but the water shallower which required a little more walking.









The river then crosses under the railway and breaks out into countryside.









On the approach to Badley Mill lock we were greeted by a couple enjoying the May sunshine attending to their garden by the river. They indicated how pleased they were to see so many people walking by, since the establishment of the Gipping footpath on the opposite bank and it made their day to see us using the river.

There was a sign warning about the dangers of the sluice gate ahead and they advised us to take care in getting out on the bank.

Portage 3. (TM074 568) Badley Mill Lock

As with all weirs it is a potentially dangerous in flood waters but can easily be seen and there is plenty of time and space to get out on the left bank onto the footpath just before the lock and well away from any currents.



Getting in again on the far side of the old lock was not difficult, just a bit muddy.



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