2. River Rat & Stowmarket factory section

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River Rat

Portage 2a Old Stowupland Lock

Looking back to weir Portage 2 a&b

A1120 Dual Carriageway overhead



The river Rat joins from the right hand side. We had investigated starting from the Rat using a pull-in on the A1308 Gipping Way or the overnight Lorry park but decided the Railway station start was more historically correct for the navigation.







Portage 2a

We then came across a great little sluice, which I assume is the old Stowupland Lock. This has a flume in the middle just right for Canoes.








Portage 2b

The second tier of the sluice was also nicely sloped but a bit steep for a couple of the canoes, which took in water over the front decks.




There are a number of factory roads and paths that cross on this stretch and some outfalls that feed in water and smells.

Stowmarket factory out-fall


After going under the A1120,you then pass the maltings which have a different odour.



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