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This is a guide put together based on our experience and the conditions in May 2008 when there was a moderate flow of water in the river.

A number of the locks have automatic water regulators that are very dangerous, both because of the high overhangs and the currents they generate. I have highlighted where these are, all of them contained within old locks, which makes them easy to spot. In effect all of the old locks you come across need to be avoided and portaged round.

Whilst we managed to shoot weirs in a couple of places, you will need to make your own risk assessments on each occasion, based on the conditions at the time and your abilities.

Disclaimer: Anyone using the river must take responsibility for their own safety at all times. There are no formal navigation rights as yet granted by the Environment agency for the Gipping river. The authors of this website can take no responsibility for the actions of others using the river.

Safety: We always wear buoyancy aids at all times on the water and travel in groups. Helmets can also be a good idea in certain conditions and activities. Children must be supervised at all times.

The two page guide to the river portages is here in a couple of down-loadable formats:-

Gipping Portage Guide page 1 pdf file

Gipping Partage Guide page 2 pdf file

Gipping Portage Guide Word document

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Note: Changes to portage No.8. The lock is now closed off as part of major work is being done to lock by Gipping river trust. River is now flowing down the right hand stream and rejoining main route 300 meters down stream. This is passable with just a small weir at the Mill which may be shootable.



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